Sunday, 19 June 2011

Craft Fair Bergen

So as it turns out i didn't go to the gig afterall.

The sun was shining when i met Ida, who looked wondeful and summery in her all blue summer dress and turquoise accessories.


After we had a cool beer,and an alcoholic ice cream sundae for me (because who cares about weight loss when it is so sunny out!?) we decided to just wander around town.

We visited craft shops to find wool for a project of mine and had a lot of fun dreaming up new projects, jewelry making, sweet making, dress making etc...

As i made my way back to the byban i noticed a large white marque over at festplassen and asked Ida if she knew what it was, apparently and so fittingly it was a craft fair. It felt only right to go and have a nosey.


Inside there were tons of beautiful handmade objects for me to drool over, from beautiful kitchen wear to some pretty interesting fashion pieces, but the thing that caught my eye the most were these little beauties...

Pink and Cupcakey! it's like they were meant for me!!

Unfortunately the price was a little out of my range so i had to leave them behind *le sob* but i did take the lady who made them's card so fingers crossed i can get me a pair when i have a job.
The stall didn't only have jewelry but also cards, books and pillows with her illustrations on. I especially liked this pillow

monroe pillow

The artists name is Annlaug Auestad and she has a blog and a website which i suggest you visit so you can see more of her wonderful work.

Also if you too like Ida enjoy turquoise accesories you should head over to The Beara Necessities, as she is holding an awesome giveaway where you could win this...
and all you have to do is leave her a comment about why YOU like summer! simple pimple! 


Sarah Elisabeth said...

Hi! Thanks for joining my giveaway! I see you're an exchange student in Bergen, what school have you been going to and what grade?
Have a great weekend!

Selina. said...

haha i couldn't resist! i am too poor to buy jewelry so i must enter giveaways instead ;)

I was at University of Bergen and i just finished (kinda) my final year of my bachelors, i might have to go back next term but i'm not sure yet. hopefully not ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay they should have totally waited to have this craft fair until after I am there! I would have really enjoyed it! Hope they have another ;-)

Hope you had a good weekend girl! I'm just trying to get caught back up in life LOL!!! :-)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

What a cool craft fair! Alcoholic sundae?? What a great idea.

PS - I left a little 'something-something' for you on my blog.

Michelle :)