Thursday, 23 June 2011

Off to London!

Yep the time has come... only ten months two weeks and five days since i left it, i am getting ready to jet off back to the good ol' U of K! but fear not Bergen, i'm only going for a holiday and will be back before you know it ;)

The Boyfriend and I are spending a week in London, doing touristy things, seeing family (his first time!!),hanging out with my best friends and most importantly eating lots of yummy yummy food, and then sadly he has to come back home while i skip off to Leicester my home town to see friends, take my theory test and generally get very drunk.

Lots of plans for blog posts but i'll see how much time i actually get to put them into action ;) expect a slew of pictures when i get back.


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Anonymous said...

god tur selina ;-) see you soon!!!