Thursday, 16 June 2011


Today I am excited, and nervous. by what? well let me tell you...

I am excited because... Today i am going to a gig with my beautiful friend Ida which at 60kr is a bargain of epic proportions in Bergen. and then a week today i shall be jetting off back to the U of K to see all the friends and family i have missed this year, and i am even more excited because my lovely boyfriend is coming with my for the first week, so we are going to spend it in London, doing lots of fun touristy things, before he has to meet the family...dun dun duuuuuh!


I am nervous because... Tuesday next week i am getting a root canal in my front tooth, now you would think after all of the extensive dental work i have had over my life, including two root canals in one sitting that i would be used to it by now, un phased...WRONG i am dreading it... although i have to say i am so impressed by how quickly and efficiently the system works here, the root canal i am getting is in preparation for a crown to replace my broken front tooth, and the government is helping pay for over half! I am not entirely sure in what circumstances this is but i sure am pleased i can tell you that!
secondly i am nervous because after getting my grades back from this semester of study i failed one :( not a bit surprise but now i have to hope that UiB will let me re sit it in October, on the plus side that does mean i get to be a student until then, and keep all the benefits! woop
and last but not least, i have my driving theory test booked for 6th July and i am not really sure i am able to pass it which would suck :/

so yeah there you have it, a nice piece of rambling for ya. Hopefully i will have a new place review coming up soon. and maybe a little something about eggstock the gig i am going to this evening!


Anonymous said...

ohhh good luck on your root canal :( i have never had one...but i can't imagine!!!!

and i hope you take photos at this gig :-)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

London - I've never been there! You must be exctied to see him. My guy is flying in next week from the states.

Cute blog and I'm you're newest follower.

I have a new post up about my hair disaster yesterday. You should check out the before pictures - its pretty bad!
Michelle :)

RxScarlet said...

You'll be ok Selina, just stay strong :P
I hope you have a lovely time in London and I'm sure you will do fine on your theory test. xx

Selina. said...

Thanks Sinny, will do and ha we shall see! we should meet up when im back home!

RxScarlet said...

How long are you staying in the UK? Will you be gone before the 9th? It's my birthday :P

Selina. said...

nope leaving 15th july, having a belated birthday gettogether (ie pissed up in town on the 9th) will you be out!?

RxScarlet said...

I will as it's my birthday that night! Taking the night off work (I hope) :D