Tuesday, 19 October 2010


“Lefse is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread. Tjukklefse or tykklefse (thick lefse) is thicker and often served with coffee as a cake. Lefse is made out of potato, milk or cream (or sometimes lard) and flour, and cooked on a griddle. Special tools are available for lefse baking, including long wooden turning sticks and special rolling pins with deep grooves.
There are significant regional variations in Norway in the way lefse is made and eaten, but it generally resembles a flatbread, although in many parts of Norway, especially Valdres, it is far thinner. In central Norway, a variation called tynnlefse (thin lefse) is made, which is rolled up with butter, sugar and cinnamon (or with butter and brown sugar).”

I have actually tried lefse once before but I forgot to blog about it and frankly I was not too impressed by the whole thing, but I am informed they are extremely Norwegian so I felt that it deserved another chance.

The lefse I bought is the type with butter(or some creamy alternative) and cinnamon, they come cut into large triangles and the package informs me that they are “ny & bedre” so I have slightly higher hopes.

The outside of the lefse is really soft and has a slightly bready taste and the filling is very creamy with a definite buttery taste and a slight hint of cinnamon, which isn’t too overwhelming or overpowering.

The inside of Lefse

All in all I liked it slightly better than the first time, it still sort of tastes like a weird butter sugar sandwich and I’m not sure that I will be making it a permanent staple in my diet, but I probably wouldn’t turn it down if offered!

so there it is i finally got round to crossing something off of my list! yay!

snakkes xx

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