Sunday, 10 October 2010

I haven't forgotten you

Hello there my lovely blog, i haven't forgotten you i am just too damn lazy to write you these days, but i figured it is about time for a short update so here it is...

In the time i have been away i have finished level one of my norwegian class but still feel completely lost! luckily i have also obtained an amazing tutor who not only helps me with the language but also makes me laugh so hard i feel like what ever liquid i am currently drinking is going to come flying out of my nose, not only does this boy tutor me he has also provided me with a huuuge tv and an external cd drive for my computer along with a multitude of hugs. he is quite amazing really.
I have experienced Bergen rain which i have to say is pretty horrific especially when it is raining sideways and i still have not got any decent boots. I have been to a few gigs of many different genres, all have been fun and very very drunken even the excessivly drama filled ones! I have watched excessive amounts of family guy but am still laughing at them all. I have met a ton of new people some i remember and some i have had to meet a few times before my drunken brain would commit them to memory. I have gotten a permanent (untill dec) flatemate who is amazing,cougarish and fun ;), together we have gotten more involved with the life here at fantoft which basically seems to be drinking, drinking, some pub quizing and then more drinking.

so there it is that is what the past month of my life has been like, good eh?

as for today, instead of enjoying the rare sunshine and heat i am going to try and revise level one before level two starts tomorrow and then possibly do some tidying...wahey for boring sundays!

untill next time :)


Slam said...

I like the drunkenness, sounds oh very up my alley :)

Heidi said...

huff, jeg har jo ikke fått møtt deg enda. :/ men jeg har skole hver dag fra 9-4, så jobber jeg ofte i helgene. jeg har ikke dratt ut på byen enda... kjedelig! så skal jeg snart flytte til Løbergsveien Studentboliger! Det er _litt_ nermere deg da, haha! Jeg er skikkelig dårlig på å feste/være sosial. Men det merket du sikkert i London. :P :)

Selina. said...

Heidi, i know we definitely need to meet soon, i have been a bit crappy at the whole thing as well hehe we shall definitely meet up soon i promise ;) how come you are moving? xx

Heidi said...

jaaa, vi må treffes. :) jeg trives ikke å bo midt i byen, og siden Løbergsveien Studentboliger ligger 30 min fra den blå steinen så passer det perfekt! :) Flytter i desember!