Monday, 18 October 2010

Høst i Bergen

So autumn is well and truly here in Bergen, the leaves are golden brown and crunchy underfoot, while the air is crisp and clear, or at least it was before the rain started!
I was going to make this post all about autumn and the things I have been doing but instead I got distracted thinking about all the things I am looking forward to over the coming months. So here are a few of them...

Things I am excited about:

Halloween: I adore this holiday mainly because it is pretty stupid and doesn’t really celebrate anything but it does mark the start of holiday season and it’s the time of year when it gets darker earlier and I get cravings for soup and warm bread. The other day while strolling through town with Tom Ian I smelt wood smoke and got such a warm, cosy and excited feeling. I felt like winter is coming! (That could have also been partly due to the amazing hot chocolate with whipped cream we had just consumed in the amazing 50’s styled diner down the cutest little side street filled with vintage stores. So bring on the pumpkins, the costumes and the drunken Halloween parties!
My awesome pumpkin from last year

My new sort of job: I have gotten myself a volunteer position at an awesome club in sentrum called hulen. The club is inside a cave and it’s amazing. I got the job when Nicole and I attended an Oktoberfest celebration there. We got talking to a great group of people sitting at the table next to us and one of them Siri, is the head of security at hulen and offered me and Nicole positions there. It’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to getting to know all of the people working there.

Christmas: I freaking adore Christmas time. I love all the lights and the festivities. I like snuggling up with friends and watching bad Christmas movies. I absolutely love giving gifts (and quite enjoy receiving them too). This year I am looking forward to experiencing Christmas in Norway surrounded by my new friends and getting to try out new Christmas traditions and food! I am definitely excited to try me some new Norwegian Christmas food.

New people: Over the past two months I have met some AMAZING people, some have been mentioned in this blog already and some who aren’t but either way I am so grateful to have found them and will be sad when a certain few of them leave me here in December  but I am also really looking forward to carrying on this trend of meeting new awesome people in Bergen and making many many more friends.
Paula - my amazing housemate

Marie, Jacob and I - all quite drunk ;)
 Untill next time, Snakkes xx

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Heidi said...

haha, jeg regna nesten bort i dag. :(

men da sees vi kanskje på hulen en dag da :D jeg skal garantert dit 20. november, for da er det konsert! :D