Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hulen staff party and The first flakes of snø

Yesterday Nicole, Corrine and I attended our first Hulen staff party. The theme was the 1952 Oslo winter Olympics or for the slightly less adventurous just 1950’s.

People really went all out which was wonderful to see. People were dressed in snow suits, or even better in Norwegian flag thongs with mini skis on their arms! Nicole and I decided against the Olympics theme and went for the easier option.

Nicole (hair, make-up and dress by me) went for a grease styled look, vintage ray ban-esque glasses,  yumi bunny dress paired with bikerish boots and a leather jacket.
Nicole pre glasses and leather jacket!
Despite the dress being meant to come down to just above the knee, Nicole managed to pull of the miniskirt look with the help of her miles of legs.

I went for a different look with my floral primark tea dress and my fake uggs (what!? It’s cold out)
Nicole and I - before the drunkness!!
 When we first got to the party it was a little intimidating, we couldn’t see anyone we knew and didn’t feel comfortable jumping straight into talking to randoms, but luckily the beer started flowing (at 25kr, how could it not) and we were put into groups to take part in a sort of relay competition which was great fun!

Our groups had to move to different parts of the club, at each different place we had to perform different tasks, they were jiving backstage, downing beers at the bar (which I did quite well at ;) ) making the Olympics sign out of humans and singing the hulen song, and eventually answering questions in an Olympic themed quiz. 

In the end we didn’t win BUT we did manage to come 2nd which is pretty damn good in my opinion.
After getting to know people in the relay, there was much dancing and getting to know even more people in my drunken stupor! At around 4am Corrine and I headed home and after disturbing poor sick Paula by banging around in our kitchen, I eventually passed out!

Waking this afternoon with the sun shining incredibly brightly into my eyes, I crawled out of bed and got ready for my 4pm class. As we sat in class I saw something that I have been waiting for internally for ages!! SNØ!! That’s right little tiny perfect flakes of snow!! I was soo excited to see them and it’s making me even more excited for the winter months! Although the snow didn’t settle I’m sure it will eventually.

Snakkes xx

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