Saturday, 7 August 2010

Reisen til Norge

(be warned this is probably a long one)

Final preparations for my trip to Bergen began on the 3rd August, i spent the whole morning packing and re packing my suitcases in the hope that they would not be too far over the weight limit - which meant i had to leave a fair amount of my things behind - sad times- i am far too materialistic for my own good :Pbut finally i managed to get packed and ready to leave.The first destination on my Journey was south london in order to say goodbye to my family and to avoid having to drive to the airport from Leicester at stupid o clock in the morning. Driving down to london was so fun especially watching my sister Alice mime along to the new eminiem song feat rihanna.when we got to London we headed straight to my aunts house so i could say goodbye to my beautiful cousins;


and Louise;
who is holding a contract making me promise i will come and visit every six months :P

after we had spent sufficiant family time we decided dinner at Pizza Express was in order and really went all out i literally thought my stomach would expload by the end :P

mum and me

after we ate ourseleves silly we retreated to grannys and made a swift departure to the bedrooms for as much sleep as possible before the 4:30am wake up!!

3 and a half hours sleep later i pull myself out of bed and attempt to wake the sleeping beauty aka alice,from her skype induced sleep so that we can be in the car by 5am.

5:15 am everyone is finally in the car! off we go sleepy eyed to the airport ready to finally leave England behind. I am feeling excited and nervous and a little sick.

I get to the aiport and am able to go straight to check in. bags are of course over the weight limit but suprisingly not by much, that packing and repacking really payed off it seems. luckily for me the nice man in excess baggage lets me off and i dont have to part with any of my scarce moneys yay!
Time to go to the customs bit which i always hate because i always seem to have adorned myself in many metal things which all have to come off and then go back on again. this time was no different but i got through partially because the guy in front of me was so good looking i was too distracted to be annoyed, fingers crossed he is on my flight - he wasnt :(

Then for the best bit of aiports DUTY FREE! seeing as alcohol is crazy expensive in Norway i figured a little stock up of the booze was in order so i purchased myself a nice big bottle of absolute vodka acai berry flavour and a bottle of rose wine for the more sophisticated of parties, or at least that is what i told myself!

by this time it is 6:30 and the electronic board is telling me my gate wont be announced untill 7:35 grr i stupidly have not brought a book i can read so i decide to people watch for a bit and sit myself down on those oh so comfortable plastic chairs :/ My norwegian magnet must have kicked in as i ended up sitting down opposite the most gangsta norwegian couple i have ever seen was quite amusing, also saw cool looking mod couple and a ton of half dressed girls all apparently going somewhere annoyingly hot!

Plane journey wasnt so bad as i slept for most of it and during the times i wasnt sleeping i was wishing that i was, as i managed to be sat next to THE most ignorant british couple who seemed to make a point of making fun of Norwegians at every given moment which seems like a completely sane idea, while sitting on a norwegian air flight..surrounded by norwegians *le sigh* i hope no one thought i was with them :/

Once i was off the plane i sailed through arrivals (that is a lie i probably looked very special as i dragged my luggage that weighed almost as much as me through the air port) and went to find the flybussen which luckily was already there annnd i managed to get the last seat on it! yay!

more coming soon.....

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