Thursday, 12 August 2010

One fine day at Fantoft

I woke up this morning to see the sunshine streaming through my windows, the heat in my room made me feel like i was lying in a sauna! had i been transported to another country while i slept? No i was just experiencing one of the apparently rare hot days in Bergen.
Knowing full well that this could turn into a rain shower at any moment, i jumped out of bed and sent Corinne a text suggesting a picnic in the park opposite Fantoft. she agreed, so i packed a light lunch, grabbed my book and a blanket and then off we went.
Lying on the blanket in the park with the sun warming my legs was pure bliss. I found myself constantly drifting off into daydreams as i stared up at the clear blue sky, empty apart from a few fluffy white clouds floating gently by. With the sky so clear i could really see the the magnificance of the huge mountains surrounding us. ever more reasons for why i want to live here forever.
 I finished reading my book naive super by erlend loe it's really good and i would reccomend it to everyone. it was very thought provoking and gave me lots of ideas to mull over.
 once i was finished with my book i just lay in the heat and people watched. i really like watching all the different people walk by; the couples young and old walking thier dogs. the mothers chasing after thier exciteable children. and the determined old man with two walking sticks who walked ever so slowly up the path but never once gave up. hearing people converse in Norwegian warms my heart. it reminds me that i am here. that i finally made it!

Corinne in the sun

a little bug who came and sat on my notebook for a while.
As the afternoon wore on i got tired of lazing in the sun and decided i needed to do it back at home with some dinner. so i came back made myself some wicked awesome tomatsupp i figure if i keep telling myself it was wicked awesome i will forget how gross soup made from a powder is :/ and then i practised some of my Norwegian with Ørjan. practise makes perfect as they say!

Tomorrow i have a meeting with a man called Paul Holden, who is the center exams manager for ESOL at Folkeuniversitetet i Bergen, he is also hopefully the man who is going to help me sort out my required 30 hour teaching placement so i can pass my degree and hopefully get some good work experience. I am for lack of a better word crapping myself with nerves! if this doesn't pan out i have no idea what i am going to do. I figure if he wont let me teach then i am going to beg him to let me at least teaching assist so i can get some experience that way. so for the few of you who have read this far please cross everything for me at about 11am(GMT time).


Slam said...

You make me jealous with all that sun :)

Sebastiano said...

Now I feel like I must go to Norway too!
You can count on my crossed fingers ;)

Heidi said...

hva, sol i Bergen? Og varmt? Hehe! Bergen er en utrolig fin by i pent vær, dumt at det regner så mye... men vi skal nok trives fordet! :D

Selina. said...

Thanks sebastiano ;) i'll need them!

awh slam dont worry soon my posts will be about all the epic raining Bergen does!

Heidi it is super pretty in good weather, it looks like it might stay nice up untill the weekend which would be good, if it does im finding a lake and going swimming lol x

Anonymous said...

Oooh, "Naiv Super"! I love that book!

But the author is called Erlend Loe, not Erland ;)

Selina. said...

Thanks for pointing that out Carina i shall change it. :)

truesome said...

So did I spoil your day by pointing out that it's friday the 13th? I hope not

Also your little bug seems to be a mosquito :P