Thursday, 12 August 2010

A quiet day

Yesterday i woke up with an epic hangover, the kind that makes you see phil collins everywhere! don't understand what i'm talking about?
Whatch this! can't be bothered to watch it? then just trust me it makes sense!
 I get ready to meet Corrine in a semi drunken haze and together we pay a visit to Safari. now as i'm sure you all know you should never visit a food shop while drunk or hungover! why? because it always ends up in impulse buying of things you promised yourself you wouldn't buy again! for me yesterday it was Bread, Cheese, Juice and Smør bukk
Feeling terrible still i crawled back to my room so i could laze around and watch Hot Rod starring Andy Samberg - dissapointingly average film!

As the afternoon wore on the sun began to come out and i decided i really could not waste anymore of the day. So i decided a nice gentle walk was in order. i chose the hilly path round the back of my apartment that i have been eyeing up since i moved in. It was a strange feeling one minute i would feel like i was walking in the middle of nowhere deep within the nature and then the next minute i would be standing on a residential road. yet another reason i love this country! along with being able to find masses and masses of beautiful and delicately sweet raspberries everywhere.
it took me absolutely ages to get a half decent picture of one!
  The one thing that does really fustrate me about living here, is never knowing what to wear. Take yesterday for example, although the sun was shining and it felt lovely and warm, it kept intermittently raining. so i figured my leggings, a light cotton long sleeved shirt and my hoody would be sufficiant. wrong!  I was boiling there seems to be absolutely no breeze in Bergen, so i was sweating profusely, but then if i take my hoody off i am too cold!
As strange as it may sound i am looking forward to some cold weather! at least then i will know what i'm meant to be wearing!

On another note i have decided that seeing as i have such an abundance of fresh raspberries growing so close to me i am going to have to go out this weekend or next week, pick as many as i can hold and make something beautiful with them!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about the weather nowadays too! It is so varying, and rains in between, but it is hot enough for sweating to death if I wear a jacket. I have ended up with jeans and a t-shirt every day the past two weeks, and I bring a cardigan and hooded softshell jacket in my purse everyday when I go to work! I actually look forward to chillier weather now! Hehe =)

Selina. said...

I heard it doesnt as snow as early here as it does in Trondheim :( i love the snow!