Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Important meetings and our first night out in Bergen - 13th august 2010

I woke up at exactly 8am on the morning of my placement meeting. can you say super nervous!?
dressed pretty smartly in a grey dress with pink leather bag strap doubling as a waist belt, along with the addition of a light grey cardi and pearls i hoped to dazzle this, paul holden, into thinking i am a proper teacher!

as soon as i stepped out of my room it started tipping it down, but it was too late to change now i figured i will have to just stick it out. the meting went well i was nervous and spoke too fast but he seemed impressed and told me to email the head of dept which i have now done. so fingers crossed.

When i got home i chilled out a bit and tried to do some work unsuccessfully, in the afternoon the sun came out so corinne and i decided it was about time we saw Bergen at night! a little wash and beautify later we headed to safari to buy my old friend paere cider. we sat and started to drink them outside, as we were chartting we came across the topic of how many people in Fantoft don't talk to each other, instead they sit next to each other engrossed in their laptops. as i am loudmouth when sober and a louder mouth when tipsy i started to wave at randomers in the hope that they would come and join us. most people backed away and probably went to skype somenoe about the weirdo waving at people but finally one person joined us! his name is Thibaut and he is from Belgium, he was very cool and friendly and introduced us to one of the girls he had met so far Salomie a french girl who was also super friendly. we drank more and got to know them a little better that sounds kinda wrong but i mean it in the most innocent way possible :P Corinne and i asked them if they would like to join us on our night out and they agreed. Before we left Corinne had to get something from her room and while we waited i sparked up some coversations with some Germans who also joined us on our excursion. some of these guys had litterally just moved to bergen that day and they were up for drinking! what troopers!

our first port of call was the garage, an alternative music bar but unfortunately thibaut couldnt get in as he is not 20 so we went across the road to a bar called Legal. the night was lovely, we drank we laughed and i got to talk to lots of norwegians yay!
Sven and Karolina


a very sweaty me and lovely Katharina

Salomie, Thibaut, me, Corinne (the frenchies and i)

Katharina and sven

a bit blurry but kati, karolina and david

Drinking back at mine

at around 3am the lights came up and we headed home where we drank copius amounts of vodka and partied untill the sun came up!
Group Photo!


truesome said...

a bar called "legal" lmao

Yannern said...

i like your outfit:)