Monday, 8 April 2013

NSV - Non Scale Victories

Now let me start off by saying
  even when it shows me a number I don't like
for me stepping on the scale in the morning is the best way to get myself ready for the day. If it shows me a loss I feel fantastic, if it shows a gain, it reminds me to stay focused and to work my ass off!

However sometimes it can be incredibly gratifying to find some NSV's or non scale victories.

Like this comparison picture

When I was originally putting together this picture I did not realise just how different I looked, and while the weights aren't hugely far apart it really shows me how much my body has changed!!

another NSV has been fitting into all three pairs of jeans that my mum bought me for Christmas,
When I got them and tried them on I was gutted to realise that not one pair of them fit well, and I almost send them back but a mere two months later and they all fit perfectly!! (now they are even getting a little loose after being worn all day!)

I recently bought this dress online

In a size a lot smaller than I am today and I am hoping that this will be one of my future NSV's!!!
hopefully in time for my 25th Birthday!!

What are your latest NSV's???


Sarah Elisabeth said...

WOW!! Amazing progress you've made! Good girl Selina, keep up the good work!

Talitha Richardson said...

Great work Selina! You should be proud :)

It doesn't take much weight loss to look and feel fantastic, can't wait to see more progress!

Chrissy Johansen said...

Wow! Look at the difference, you look fab!