Monday, 1 April 2013

Hello April

I have a feeling you are going to be a fantastic month, and I have a lot of goals to achieve while you are here, But first a look back on my March goals
they were,
 1. Work towards completing 5 cardio sessions a week and try and add in a small weights session
I still haven't managed to get 5 in a week but i am still working hard on it!
 2. Lose another 10lbs
Proudly completed

I am not 20lbs down in my Weightloss and still trucking on.

 3. Carry on with the 30 Day Shred
This I didn't do, the weather has been too nice for staying inside and working out, instead I have been hiking

 4. Make time to Read more (not fitness related but very important for keeping my stress down) 
I have been working hard on this one and while I haven't read as much as I would have liked I did start the fouth book in the Of Ice and Fire series and started a new Gillian Flynn book.
5. Keep a written food and exercise diary. I do currently use MFP but i really prefer pen and paper for keeping me accountable.
Yes! I have been using my new FITBOOK
Review coming soon.
 6. Try a new meal every week! (and blog about it!)
Yeah I had high hopes for this but honestly once I get home from work all I want to do is just throw something quick in the oven, no time for experimenting or photographing.

Now for my April Goals
1. Lose another 10lbs! 
Summer is creeping ever closer and those bikinis are calling my name
2. Change up my Cardio routines to reflect the weather
Hiking, Running outside (fear zone) Swimming along with the usual Spinning and Treadmill
3. Get back on the Yoga train
Now that I am losing weight at a fairly rapid pace, I think I need some Yoga to help avoid too much saggy skin!
4. Beat my PB on the Treadmill
Currently I am able to run for about 15 straight minutes on the Treadmill, I want to get to 20
5. Keep logging food in my FitBook and eating healthily.
Self explanatory.

I promise I am going to try super hard to not make my next post a recap of my April goals and instead attempt to actually publish a variety of posts this month!
in the meantime let me know what YOUR goals for April are?? 

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Sarah Elisabeth said...

You are awesome Selina! Keep up the good work, you can definitely do it!!