Monday, 1 April 2013

How to get more out of your workouts...

invest in a heart rate monitor!

seriously this thing has completely changed the way i work out!

you  may have noticed if you follow my instagram that i have been posting a lot of pictures of my polar ft4 watch.

I purchased it at the beginning of February and instantly loved that it could show me not only my heart rate but  also calories burned while working out! 

It was perfect for spinning because it has helped me see how effective my workouts are.

I also just recently realised that it kept track of all of my workout data so i am able to see how many hours i have worked out and calories i have burned since getting it!

I am super proud of how hard I have worked so far! and I am hoping to have at least doubled the amount of sessions by the end of April!

and I am completely in LOVE with my polar watch! 
If you are thinking of getting one and you are not sure you really want to commit to buying a top of the line expensive one then this is definitely for you as it only cost me £52 which is pretty cheap compared to some of the others!

Do any of you use a heart rate monitor to improve your workouts?

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