Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday Loseday

Now that the Holiday season here and there is a lovely layer of snow covering the ground i really find myself falling off the diet wagon more often then i should.
 this is the season to bake sweet treats, eat with friends and generally be Merry!
and my motivation to go for a walk outside has been lacking.
who want's to go and walk in the snow for an hour when their boyfriends mum can show them how to make donuts fried in Lard! (they are actually delicious!)

(and it is a big but to go with my big butt!)
New Years eve is fast approaching which means New Years resolutions are right behind, 
and i have decided to get a head start on mine and try and reign in my sweet tooth for the holiday (sort of)

Using inspiration from a bunch of different blogs and websites i have decided to try a new method
6 days on 1 day off

This way i stick to healthy eating 6 days a week and then allow myself one day a week to do some Christmas baking and indulging
not that i intend to spend the whole day gorging
 i just want to allow myself a little freedom to do what i love
Bake and Eat!

I also started the Walk to Run program on Nike+
which gives me a motivation to go out in the snow everyday and also sets me reasonable goals each day.

If any of you ladies are looking for a similar program and want to join up
 i would love a blog running buddy!!

sorry for the wordy post, i promise further Tuesday Loseday's
 (oh yes i plan to make this a regular thing)
will be more interesting.
and lastly because i love this pin and should have it printed out and hung on my wall

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Sarah Elisabeth said...

You go girl! I believe in you ;)