Monday, 5 December 2011

I got maaaiil!

You may remember a little while ago i took part in this...

A nail polish swap that was hosted by Tara and Celia

I was lucky enough to be paired with the wonderful Lena over at Mom to Memphis and Ruby
and just the other day a lovely little package arrived!

In it was a super sweet note

and these three adorable nail polishes!

I was so pleased to find an Essie nail polish in there as i have been desperate to try one FOREVER!

I have never tried any Sally Hansen nail polishes before but i am soo impressed i wore this colour for a week and it did not chip once!! it is much better than my OPI Meet me on the star ferry and it is almost the same colour!

Perfect shade for Christmas and the New Year

The Essie Power Clutch is B E A utiful! i would never have picked this colour out for myself but i am so glad Lena gave it to me because i LOVE it.

Oh also by the waaay did you know that i am taking part in 

Mrs. Monologues

annd you can enter to win this

to enter click HERE the giveaway ends Dec 9th

More of these bracelets will be appearing in my etsy store as soon as the weather will co operate and give me some nice lighting!


Cait said...

great colors :) i have the power clutch one and it's such a great shade of grey! xo

Selina. said...

isn't it just! i wouldn't ever usually pick a colour like this before but i have been converted! :P

tara said...

Love the colors you got!! So pretty!

Kasey said...

Oooh I love those colors!!

Jennifer B said...

The Essie color is gorgeous!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

So happy you like the colors!
Isn't Sally Hansen the best!! It's so easy to apply and like you said, it doesn't chip!! :)

Celia said...

so pretty! i love that line of Sally Hansen too!!! =)

Talitha said...

Oh nice, I'm tossing up between the goldy looking one and the last, I do like the opaque colour :)

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

Love Essie Power Clutch! Pretty colors!