Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Oh How Pinteresting- Christmas Baking edition

Todays edition of Oh How Pinteresting
(hosted as always by the lovely Michelle)
Is focused on the joyfullness that is Christmas Baking!!


As i am technically on a diet i have limited myself to only baking on Sundays
 so i have decided to pick some of my favorites to share with you.

Yay for Advent Baking!

Mince Pies! of course, they are a must bake at christmas time even though the Norwegians are convinced they contain actual meat!

I was going to just make normal simple shortbread but i think i will be trying out this recipe as well!

Christmassy cake balls yum yum yum

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Mmm chocolate bark is a perfect gift idea :)

So Ladies and gents (if there are any that read) what do you like to bake at Christmas??


british girl in norway said...

Millionaire shortbread is a favourite of mine, I've heard cinnamon rolls are a favourite for this time of year but I can't say I've ever baked them or tried them...

Nicole said...

Those oreo ball things are on my list for my next holiday get together. So easy to make (so it seems!)

Kristina said...

YUM! I love the to make cookie batter balls and oreo ball. My favorite to make are rainbow cookie.

Alice said...

The fuck is chocolate bark?! ♥

Talitha said...

ok those cake balls look freaking awesome. I could eat a bowl of them! haha

Talitha xx

L0veLindsey said...

I've never had mince pies.. but the other two things look DELIC! Yum.. thanks for the recipe (even though my hips are going to hate you for it) lol

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Selina. said...

Thanks LoveLindsey, mince pies are soo good you should give them a try if you can find the filling :)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

You made me hungry.. I might just have to go make something now.... LOVE the new design by the way!