Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Marrakech Part 1- The Hotel

Before i start this post i have to confess a deep dark secret of mine, i am hoping it won't change your opinion of me but it needs to be said.... up untill the age of 20 (3 years ago) i had never stayed in a hotel!!! nope never, not even a shitty b&b style one. as my family were more the hippy festival camping type i have stayed in far more tents than i would like but hotels not so much. However since my hotel cherry was broken in Paris a few years ago (i am completely aware of how wrong that sounds) I have managed to stay in a grand total of 5! and enjoyed most of them.

The hotel in Morocco was by far the best, in fact i am not sure i can definitely call it a hotel as it is actually a riad
  "riad (Arabicرياض‎) is a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard"
It has apparently become very popular for tourists to stay in riads while in morocco because you get a better sense of the hospitality, which is so true! for the best part of the holiday the only people who were staying at our riad (Riad Villa Wenge) were the people in the wedding party, so we had the run of the place.

When we first arrived at the riad, we were all pretty hot and bothered as the taxi was unable to drive us too close to the riad itself so we had to cross the big open squared market Jeema el faa, and then navigate our way (with the help of a guide) through the small alleys of the souks narrowly avoiding being hit by speeding scooters every 5 seconds , honestly when we reached the door of the riad i did not have high hopes. But once we were inside and the door closed the noise just melted away.

We were shown to our rooms, Tor Petter and I got Chambre Alu which i assumed would be all silver and metal but much to my delight was very pink!

we were on the second floor of the riad so when we stepped out of our doors in the morning if we looked up we could see the beautiful clear blue skies and feel the warm sun (it was around 27C at 6am most days)

and when we looked down we could see the courtyard and usually breakfast being served up

Obvs this wasn't taken in the morning and the quality is a bit crappy but i like all the lit up candles!

Upstairs on the roof was probably my favourite part of the hotel and i spent many hours relaxing up there, it was crazy how peaceful and quiet it was when it was situated in such a noisy and busy area.

I was quite sad to leave this little slice of heaven, although i can't say i miss being almost run down by maniacs on scooters every time i left the front door- but more about that another time.

When you go on holiday where do you like to stay?


Talitha said...

omg that hotel looks a-mazing! Glad you had a fun and relaxing time :)

I awarded u the Liebster blog award, check my post for details

Talitha xx

Jenna said...

That hotel looks stunning! Thats the way to do it for your first time staying in one. Might have set the bar high for the next one though :P

Selina. said...

yay thanks Talitha ;)

hehe Jenna that was my sixth one my first was in paris opposite a sex shop and two doors down from the sex museum it was suprisingly un skeezy but i have also stayed in some dirt cheap london ones, dirt being the opperative words ick :P

Heather said...

Wow, that's gorgeous!!!

lexxie-f89 said...

Wow that looks so great. I can't wait til I can afford to go overseas. Never been before!!

british girl in norway said...

What an amazing hotel! I can see why you were sad to leave... I'm sad that i havent been looking at the photos!