Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day One at the Cabin

The journey up to the cabin was long and surprisingly silent. Tom Ian was suffering from a bad hangover so slept most of the way and I was far too busy watching the amazing scenery go by to be bothered to wake him up and talk his ear off.
The drive went almost without a hitch, except for the slight traffic jam we encountered due to someone driving off of the road further up. Luckily Tom (Tom Ian's father) noticed other cars were driving around the jam and we decided to follow them. An excellent move, we skipped the traffic and drove on to Voss.
We didn't really stop in Voss, so I can't realistically strike it from my list, but we did briefly stop at the Rema1000 to stock up on supplies. Once we had them, it was back in the car and on to the cabin! Hooray!

When we arrived at the turning off the road which would lead us to the cabin we were unable to drive straight up because of the snow, so we parked up, grabbed the bags (luckily for me the boys took all the heavy bags) and began what can only be described as a treacherous 15 minute trek in the dark in almost knee high snow! Ok maybe that is a slight exaggeration but it was freaking hard and I fell over into the snow twice. Once at the top I literally thought I was going to be sick everwaah! Throat killing me and hands shaking I made it into the cabin!
And it is FANTASTIC! Nothing at all like I imagined but so so much better, it is so cosy and warm (once the heaters get going) decorated in a super traditional style. The weather was colder than I had ever experienced -23C!! After everything was turned on and warmed up we cooked our pizzas and settled down to watch Kick Ass.
When Tom Ian's brother Eric went to bed Tom Ian and I played yatzy and gin rummy before turning in ourselves.
My room is in another building just a few steps away from the main cabin and is adorably quaint and well equipped with tv and ps2 (nice!) after getting into my onesie I snuggled down into bed and fell fast asleep.

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