Monday, 20 December 2010


This post shall probably not be all that interesting and for that i apologise, but my head is full of lists so i thought i would share them...

Things to do before Cabintimes:
  1. wrap presents
  2. clean apartment
  3. finish making sweet things (nam)
  4. buy veggie food
  5. wash/pack warm clothes
Things i am looking forward to over the christmas break:
  1. watching a ton of christmas classics
  2. staying in a cabin in the mountains ( i mean fuck yeah!)
  3. reading books for pleasure (thanks becky ;) and not just for school
  4. seasons 3 and 4 of dexter
  5. sleeping, lots and lots of sleeping! 
Things i shall miss this christmas:

  1. Christmas eve drinks with the girlies (and yon)
  2. Waking up waaay early on christmas morning (even before my little sister) because i am just that excited
  3. Chaotic house
  4. The family (obvious one)
  5. Late night shopping under the christmas lights of Leicester. 
Things you should look forward to on this blog:
  1. Christmas cabin blogging
  2. Roll and Rock post
  3. Sworn post (yep finally ticked another thing off my list)
  4. a massive amount of pictures taken by me while in Norway
  5. the usual general rambling (you know you love it)

so untill then i shall sign off from this fairly pointless blog post and bid you adieu


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