Saturday, 1 September 2012

WIW Autumn layers

I am unusually excited for autumn this year, 
even with all the rain that's about to hit the rainiest place in Europe I am still feeling really enthusiastic about the change of the seasons.
This last week definitely started to feel like fall as the temperatures dropped so was the perfect excuse to start layering up with sweaters.
sweater - Cubus
dress- H&M
Leggings - Cubus
Boots -Ecco

I wore this dress a ton over summer and am not ready to send it to the back of the wardrobe just yet so i pared it with a light jumper (because it's not THAT cold just yet) and it felt like the perfect fall outfit.

now im off to finish up a cute little crafty DIY post and get some sleeps before Sunday morning Yoga yay!


jessabelle said...

Awh you look so cute! I always feel strange wearing dresses under jumpers though, you make it look so sweet ;__;
I love autumn clothes I cant wait ^_^

Alice said...

Come on now Jessy, dresses under jumpers are so cute!

Alice said...

Woo I'm getting mum to take me winter clothes shopping this week yay. I'm always excited until I actually feel the cold and then not so much. Can you send me more thick socks please?! I shall pay you or send you English stuffs!
Anyway you look super cute even though I already knew that because I edited these hehe xoxo

heidi-elizabeth storer said...

Hello Selina!! Its been a while! Just wanted to say lovely blog!! Hope you are doing well and congratulations on your graduation!
Take care, Heidi