Sunday, 19 August 2012

New Glasses! courtesy of

I was recently contacted by a company called Firmoo who offered to send me a free pair of glasses in return for a review. 
Of course I jumped at the chance and let me show you why...

these are the glasses i have had for the last four years and as you can see they were on their last legs, lenses popping out and the colour so worn off it looked like i permanently had make up smudged on them.

Firmoo 's motto is "Vision and Fashion the Frugal 
Way"  and you can certainly see why when you visit their site they have a huge range of glasses to choose from with such low prices it was hard to choose one pair.
I umm ed and ah ed over the site for a few weeks until i narrowed it down to the following.

the matte black ones


And eventually i decided to go for....

The last ones!

and I must tell you I am so impressed by the quality of them, 
I was expecting them to maybe feel a little cheap in the materials or maybe they wouldn't look as good as they do online, but I was so wrong. they feel sturdy and durable and they fit fantastically!
they are made of memory plastic which means when i inevitably sit on them by accident they just bounce right back into place and don't end up getting all wonky it is fantastic!

and Firmoo is offering you guys the chance to bag yourself some FREE glasses too! just click here, choose your glasses (they do fashion glasses for those of you blessed with perfect eyesight) and then all you have to do is pay for shipping!

so go go go! go and get yourself some brand new glasses for freee! (they ship all over the world so no excuses!) and let me know if you end up getting a pair so i can see what they look like!

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Talitha said...

Very cute glasses, simple but with a slight cat eye look :)

Talitha xx