Monday, 31 January 2011

Update Betches!

it's 11am and i am sitting in the library, i have been here since before 9am! ..... i figure most of you just fainted from reading those words so i shall give you a little bit of time to compose yourselfs!

Better? good! so yes i have decided to give up on my slacker ways and make one final push in the hope of securing a semi decent grade for my degree. gone are the days of lazing around in bed instead of going to classes, drinking myself into a stupor the day before an exam!  And essays shall no longer be thought about, planned and completed the night before hand in da....who am i kidding!? instead of dilligently highlighting relevent passages for my dissertation, i am instead staring out of the window at a grey and foggy Bergen, checking my facebook and tumblr every five minutes and sneaking little bites of my forbidden rosinboller, but i am in the library and that has to be a start right!?

I have, as always been a terrible blogger. I have at least four half written posts lined up waiting to be edited and then posted but lets face it, the chances of that happening anytime soon are slim to none. I shall endevour to try though.

So what's been happening in my ever exciting life (not!) well i am as usual too poor for words after having to shell out a shed load for school books and some awesome new shoes which shall be arriving this friday. along with a joyus visit from my lovely Alice Mee, who is coming to entertain me for 10 days! i am beyond excited and hoping that Bergen decides to be pretty and not grey, rainy and gloomy the whole time. also i got into a Level 2 Norwegian class so hopefully my Norwegian can improve a lot more this semester than it did last semester and i am desperately looking for a job! fun times!

other not so useful information about my life as it stands;
 I am reading an awesome book by Bill Bryson called Mother Tongue: The English Language, i admit i am reading it under the pretence of research but frankly i just enjoy reading most things Mr Bryson has written!
My obsession with notebooks is possibly going a little too far, at last count i have about 6 unused ones and currently 4 on the go!
My newest discovered skill is scaring of boys, always knew i had some talent at it but i do seem to have developed it into somewhat of an art.

And on that not so fun note i am going to go back to pretending to do work and being annoyed at how many people arround me do not seem to be as addicted to facebook as i am!

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