Monday, 1 March 2010


Here is the list as it stands at the moment, I'm sure i'm going to add to it loads as i think of more things i want to do or see:

  • see the northern lights.
  • try hjemmebrent (karsk).
  • read a whole book in norwegian.
  • visit Alta.
  • try lappe.
  • celebrate 17 mai in Norway.
  • go skiing.
  • have a picture taken in Hell.
  • try akevit.
  • visit preikestolen.
  • hold a whole conversation in norwegian.
  • get a tattoo.
  • see kaisers orchestra
  • swim in a fjord
  • try smoked salmon
  • take fl√łybanen
  • To run in the midnight sun marathon (probably 4.2 or 10k)
That's all i can think of off the top of my head.

kyss kyss



Alice said...

selina, lappe, hjemmebrent, akevit...? explain?! x

Selina. said...

lappe = like a little pancake a bit like a scotch pancake

hjemmebrent = home brew (a strong spirit)

akevit = its like a kinda alcohol. x

Panserlugg said...

my mom makes lapper all the time! also called sveler. They are sooo good!

Yannern said...

My friend was once flying to Trondheim. Or so he thought! Due to him falling asleep at the wrong gate, and crunching up his ticket so much the machine didn't read it and the staff let him through, he ended up on a flight to Alta. What a great way to get a free ride there?!

However, no flight from Alta goes directly to Trondheim, so he had to go all the way back to Oslo, then to Trondheim from there. So I wouldn't recommend this way to get to Alta unless you've got alot of time to waste!;)