Sunday, 28 February 2010

en idé

My housemate Linda and I were in the kitchen today talking about general things, when we started talking about different types of food she had tried since moving to England; crumpets, flapjacks etc, which got us on to the topic of the things i am looking forward to trying during my Exchange to Norway (if it ever gets sorted)which is when i came up with the idea of writing a list!

The plan is to write a list of all the things i would like to try, see and do while i am in Norway (from the huge and amazing things such as seeing the northen lights to the much smaller things like trying lappe) and then each time i am able to tick something off the list i will write an entry of my blog about it!

The List isn't fully compiled yet so that will have to be my next entry.

kyss kuyss



Panserlugg said...

I miss norwegian food! Hehe. :) If you come to Norway we should see Kaizers Orchestra together!!

Selina. said...

omgsh definitely!! are you going to be in bergen do you think? x

Panserlugg said...

Either Oslo, Bergen or Trondheim, I have to se what school I get in to. :)

Selina. said...

I hope its bergen :P i will be so jealous if you go to trondheim aswell lol x