Thursday, 1 May 2014

Life Update

In my last post i mentioned that i thought 2014 was going to be an exciting year and boy was i right!

On 15.2.2015 my lovely Boyfriend asked me to marry him and of course i said YES!!

who wouldn't say yes to a ring like that ;)

 Getting engaged has not helped with my goal of losing 15-20lbs and my weight has remained stagnant as i have become a bit of a Lazy Lizzy.

However that is about to change (i hope!!)
A wedding means a wedding dress so i need to whip my love handles into shape.
I plan to do this by
 starting the new Bikini Body Mommy challennge 2.0 on Monday,
 cutting down on sweets, 
not indulging in starbucks quite so often!

They can't even get my name right :/

continuing to try new  recipes like this cauliflower pizza crust.

And keeping myself accountable by writing regular blog posts.

Speaking of blogging, my domain name was sadly snapped up by a random online store before i could renew it *sad face* so i think it might be time for a re vamp, and a re name.
  any suggestions on a catchy name for my blog?

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