Sunday, 26 May 2013

Learning to Love Running

I dislike running with a passion!
seriously the whole time I am running I am trying to convince my brain to keep my feet moving, I hate the way it makes my nose run, and my lungs hurt. I hate that my boobs are practically hitting me in the face every other step.
With that being said, it would be safe for you to assume that I wouldn't have any desire to run, but you would be wrong. I long to love it, to be one of the many many Norwegians out at all hours of the day pounding the pavement. I want to be one of those annoying people who says "running is so relaxing" "running makes me feel free".
 So I decided the best way to force myself to become a runner would be to enter myself into a race!
I have entered myself into the iFormLøp 2013 in Bergen. and I am excited as well as scared.

It is 2 weekends away eek!

I started off thinking I could train on the treadmill and that would be enough, I completed my first test 5k in 44.58 minutes and was pretty pleased.

But then I started to get a niggling worry at the back of my head, Would I really be able to do this outside? 
Then I got a lucky break and Norway decided, enough with this winter sh*t! and skipped right over spring into glorious summer weather!

I took full advantage and yesterday got myself all ready for a jog around the lake near my apartment. I was going pretty well... until half way round the lake I suddenly felt like I was either going to throw up, pass out, or even worse BOTH!

The run ended there and I spent the rest of the time resting by the water and trying to find the strength to walk home!
Now, In the past that would have been that! okay I failed, end of that experiment. But this morning as the sun shone through the curtains, I was determined to try again. 

 I finally did it! I still don't enjoy running yet but at least at this pace I think I will be able to manage the 5k!!
no snazzy nike+ flag for my fastest 5k because the annoying gps crapped out and didn't log my run properly! thank God for Endemondo.

The 5K I am doing is still open for entrants, so if any of you Bergensers want to come join me please do!!!

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