Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fitness Goals

In January i made myself some goals, not all of them were fitness related but most, so i wanted to address them and add a few more :)

My goals were..

1. cut out junk food and anything that is overly processed

I did pretty good on this one, i certainly cut waay down on the junk food and my general diet now consists of healthy proteins and vegetables so a definite tick for that!

2. home cook as many meals as possible and try and blog new recipes
This i did really well! i think in the past two months i have home cooked around 90% of my meals, its not always easy and i do find myself eating a lot of the same meals again and again, so i think i need to get on pinterest and find some new healthy meals to try.

3. CARDIO 5 times a week in some form or another
This goal was really hard and if i am honest with myself i don't think i managed it once in the past two months, however i am now spinning between two to four times a week and i am trying to fit in some 30 Day shred as well so i am almost there for this goal.

4. my weightloss goal from now untill my 2 year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend on Feb 12th is to lose 10lbs

I DID IT!!!!!
i managed to get that magic number 1 day before my anniversary and it made me feel amazing!

5. be consistent with my skincare routine seeing as my mum bought me a lovely clinque kit for christmas.
and last but not least
I definitely failed at this one :( I really did not get along with the clinique kit at all, so i switched it out for a Mary Kay one which i am LOVING but i'm not great at using daily :/

6. complete the 30 day shred eek!
Pfft! I haven't even made it past workout 1 yet, but i am still going with it. I am using it as a supplement to my spinning so only doing it once a week at the moment.

and now for my March Goals.. 
 1. Work towards completing 5 cardio sessions a week and try and add in a small weights session
 2. Lose another 10lbs
 3. Carry on with the 30 Day Shred
 4. Make time to Read more (not fitness related but very important for keeping my stress down) 
5. Keep a written food and exercise diary. I do currently use MFP but i really prefer pen and paper for keeping me accountable.
 6. Try a new meal every week! (and blog about it!)

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