Monday, 7 January 2013

Moderation is the Key

Often when a new year starts we all jump feet first into one fad diet after another and after maybe 3 weeks of barely eating the cravings overwhelm us and we end up gorging on junk food until we are right back at square one.

I saw this picture on Tumblr and it really stuck with me.

It makes so much sense really when you think about it, neither of the extremes of eating can ever really be good for our bodies and what is the point of food if you can't enjoy what you're eating along the way?

This links nicely to one of my January goals which was to home cook as many meals as possible. I have decided that instead of ordering a pizza when i get the craving, to try and make one at home instead, that way i can control what goes into it, omitting any unhealthy preservatives and still enjoy some tomato-ey cheesy goodness.

I have already started this idea, i found the inspiration on pinterest here

and here is what i made

okay so it doesn't look amazing but it tasted fantastic and i made every aspect of it apart from growing the veg myself so i think it was a pretty good start to home cooking my meals.

I have a pinterest board where i am collecting healthy dinner recipes and i would love some reccomendations Do you have any healthy versions of junk food for me to try?


Sarah Elisabeth said...

YAY, I'm now following you on pinterest! Those looked GOOD!

Amanda said...

My problem is always feeling as though the food I'm eating (after eating healthy for several weeks) tastes bland. And that's when I jump into the junk food!

I will snatch your idea of making these things at home - so as to control what's coming in! Thanks for the reassurance!