Monday, 2 July 2012

Selina is sew crazy!

After my last trip home to Leicester I decided on a whim to use the majority of my baggage allowance lugging my old sewing machine back to Bergen!

Thankfully it managed to make it back almost in once piece, unfortunately I broke a tiny little clip that joined the extension table to it which now rattles around inside the machine, but all I'm all it works pretty well.

I literally cannot fully express how many ideas I have sketched out in my head to make but luckily I can show you some of my most recent creations!

One of the first things I attempted was this cute little roll up tote bag,
I found a fantastic tutorial here

It was super simple to make although I feel the bag itself is a little too small so I am working on changing up the design a little to help it accommodate all the stuff I like to lug around all day!

The second thing I made, I made from entirely my own design,stupidly not writing down the measurements and completely messing up the copy I tried to make for my sister, woops live and learn.

This baby now looks after my lovely new iPad, a fantastic gift from my mother!

I definitely plan on making a bunch more of these once I can figure out the exact measurements again and hopefully put a few cuties up in the shop!

Next up I used laminated cotton to make a handy sewing machine cover which has come in really useful because my apartment is apparently the spiritual home of dust (read, it's covered I'm it, no matter how much I dust!)
And it will look super cute in my new craft corner in the new apartment which hopefully when I return to Bergen (I am currently on a plane heading for England where I will be for 5 weeks!!)
And then my biggest achievement so far....

The summer dress I made! I am seriously so proud of this baby, because despite a few minor issues this thing is actually good, I have worn it out to parties and on the beach in Nice and I felt so good!
Made out of jersey it is super light and can be worn without the sash for a looser dress (not entirely flattering on my frame but perfect over a bikini on the beach)
I definitely have plans to make some more clothes after the success of this one!
And then last but not least I have been doing some refashioning of clothes I already own, like turning a pair of chinos with legs that were way to wide into a skinnier and more comfortable pair!

Baggy and waay to long

And after!
(also I just realised that only the left leg has been altered in this picture and I don't seem to have a picture of both legs but you get the idea!)


Talitha said...

Ok, the print on your ipad bag is adorable!

And that dress is so pretty, did you follow a tutorial or just wing it??

I've done the wide to skinny pants too :) Was simpler than I thought too! The one leg looks great haha.

Talitha xx

Alice said...

I want an iPad case! :( xoxo

iPad Mini Keyboard Case said...

I love your dress and ipad bag:)