Monday, 30 May 2011


As you my loyal readers may have noticed, i have made a few changes to the ol' blogaroo. Mainly just organising it a little better so it is easy to find different posts. Also i have decided that seeing as i am not only blogging about completing my Norwegian list, but also my general life and soon some Daring Baker challenges, that it is better if i separate the different topics up and soon change the name (when i can get my designer/sister to edit the header for me)
I have quite a few different posts hanging around in my drafts which i have been meaning to post so i am going to try my best to get some of them done this week, but i do have a lot on at the moment as i am preparing to go and teach in finland for two weeks and then after that i am making a visit back to blighty to see friends and family. so i am a busy busy bee!

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