Monday, 7 February 2011

Another monday, another promise broken!

So Monday is here again, and am i sitting in the library doing important work as i have managed to do the past two mondays? ha no of course i'm not! surely no one thought that would become a trend.

  Despite my horrific hangovers of last week the promises i made ended up being in vain. want to know why? no, well i shall tell you anyways becausssssee *insert drumroll here* ALICE MEE is here!!! and i couldn't bring her to Norway and not show her how to get amazingly drunk while at the same time spending insane amounts of money.

Our drunkenness started about half an hour after AM arrived at Fantoft, we got ready downed  some beers and headed down to the joyusness that is KLUBB FANTOFT, most of you don't know what KF is like so you may take those caps as a declaration of genuine joy. don't! KF is its own special type of crap, but seeing as i live directly above it, i always end up there,. anyways i digress after downing some more beers in KF, AM and I started chatting to people outside and before you know it we were invited to an afterparty so off we pop back up to mine in order to mix up some gin and go mingle a bit. after that it all gets pretty blurry as those of you who drink gin surely know, but what i remember i Macauley (sp?) clukins doppleganger called Donald, talking shit to AM's other half on webcam and getting a bit too overr excited because we both have wolverine jammies! :P
   The next day started late with a hangover to beat all other hangovers, lying in bed trying to stop myself vomiting all over everyone i hatched a genius plan, the best way to cure a hangover is with some good greasy food and the best place in Bægen for good food is INSIDE! (i do have a review of Inside lurking around in my half written posts and i am sure i will eventually post it for your eager eyes) so i quickly sent Tom Ian a text as i know he cannot resist a good Inside burger, and off me and the Mee went hangovers in tow. at inside TI and I had the usual metal heart for him and veggietoast for me, while AM tried the Epic chicken burger, food as demolished in seconds (except for mine as i was too hungover and not hardcore enough) after Inside food and a good chat we decided it was time to nip home and get ready before we reconvined at Ida's for the beginning of..............................
        GIN NIGHT!
after a quick outfit tunaround (we are ladies afterall) and a gathering of our alcohols we headed off to Ida's house, AM, Ida and I enjoyed  quick but eye opening game of I've never before TI showed up and the drinking really began, Ida's vors was super fun lots of drinkings, bit of poker and TI attempted to kill me a couple of times. the usual. after vors we decided to head to Inside to carry on the gin induced fun, the night was too long and too drunken to be fully explained but all you need to know is AM and I drank those Norwegians under the table and i was, for once not the drunkest person there i am happy to report that no one recieved any dumb messages from me (mainly because i had left my phone behind) and as far as i am aware no one got a facebook message either wooo.Food from Deli de luca and a quick bybanen trip and we were home all snuggled in bed and passing out.
Sundays hangover was treated with a liberal amount of pizza (dollys and expensive!) and fizzy drinks. it was beaut! Now the week has started i need to get back into school mode but as it stands i just want to lie in bed and watch films tsk tsk tsk :(

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Alice said...

give me some monies to get drunk nao