Monday, 8 November 2010

Sleep Deprived!

I am a right stresshead at the moment which means my sleeping patterns have become far too eratic. pair that with far to many drunken advantures with Nicole, Corrine, Ida and many others and i am one sleep deprived kitten!
so at the moment i am trying to riide out the sleep train in order to re set my body clock at least untill the weekend. i really need to sort my life out because i have exams coming up in less than a month and i am really not ready :(

Things i have enjoyed over the past week or so;
  • halloween at hulen
  • seeing shining at hulen
  • moulin rouge party (essentially getting to dress up like a slut)
  • making a ton of new friends 
  • my new norwegian class! it is so much easier to follow
Things i am looking forward to in the coming weeks;
  • lunsj at Inside with Nicole
  • more hulen times
  • first evening working at hulen
  • adventures - fantoft stave church here we come ;)
Things i am not looking forward too;
  • a 5000 word take home exam! excuse me what now!? 5000 words!? that is almost as much as my bloody dissertation!
  • my bloody dissertation!
  • an oral literature exam for which i have read none of the required books :(
  • basically anything to do with exams!
THE THING I AM MOST EXCITED ABOUT! CHRISTMAS hells yeah! i cannot actually wait... so far it seems to be looking like it will consist of cabins! snow! gingerbread cities! amazing people!  how could it actually get better?


rosie-alia said...

wow! your christmas sounds like it is going to be dreamy selina! i too am ever so excited about christmas! xx

Selina. said...

i shall take lots and lots of pictures! i am crazy excited about christmas! i even made gingerbread animals today!