Saturday, 26 June 2010

Best letter ever!

Ok so possibly the title of this post is a slight exageration but it certainly felt like that when i opened up my post this morning to see my letter of acceptance from University of Bergen!!

Now that i am 100% sure that i am going i have sooo much to organise, luckily i have already sorted out housing which is one less worry!

39 days to go untill the big move and i am soo excited!


loke said...

Nice to see you got accepted. Like your list very much. I noticed Kaizers Orchestra on the list. They are from my home town :D I love that music. However, why you want to visit Alta, I don't know :P
I don't know if you are aware of this, but karsk is not only hjemmebrent (which literary means burned at home). Hjemmebrent is usually 96% ethanol and karsk is this mixed with coffee. And it is only popular amongst people from Trondheim and the surrounding area, along with leather wests and mustache.

Execept for the marathon and the tattoo, I have done all those things :D Some of them are so worth it.
I wish my girl friend would be as interested in Norwegian culture

Selina. said...

ahh i love kaizers too they are so happy! I want to visit alta purely because i find the way they speak hilarious :P
I adore Trondheim as it was the first place i lived when i moved there the first time round i was aware vaugely of the difference although i dont think i could handle 96% on its own :P ahh you are so lucky to have done them all i can't wait to get properly started!

you should take her to see kaizers if she hasnt seen them already!

loke said...

If I get the chance, I will take her to see Kaizers.

I think everyone will agree that people from Alta speaks funny. I think most people in the region of Finnmark do.
Trondheim is a nice city, and the people there are very friendly, as opposed to people from Bergen :P. Just kidding. It is a well known fact that people from Bergen like to sit behind those seven mountains and think they are the best, but as long as you live there and think so too, they will befriend you...

As for the 96%, I'd rather drink it alone than with cold coffee. But then again, I hate coffee. I rarely drink alcohol nowadays, those were the trials of my teen years. But I have drunk 96% pure at some occasions, most notably the years I was 14 and 15. Before we could afford or were allowed to buy alcohol at the state monopoly